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  • Phone Number Series: Tips on How to Find Someone Using His Phone Number

    Phone Number Series is the third of a four part series on how to find anyone by phone number. In part one, I gave some tips on what you should do with the number after getting it from a harassing or questionable caller. In part two, I gave some suggestions on using the phone book for general searches. And in part three, I will discuss a specific method of finding someone by phone number. Lets begin.

    If you dont know how to find someone by phone number, your first option should be to simply ask friends and family for assistance. Your best bet might be asking an old friend or relative, since at the end of the day, they probably have no idea who you are either. Chances are, they wont give you their number (for privacy reasons), but they could easily refer you to others that you can trust. My next option should be to look in the phone book. This way, you will know there is a person you can call back, should you need to.

    If you have a land line, that is probably your best option for tracing the owner of a number. This is because land lines are registered and are easy to get information about. But even if your number is an unlisted, or private number, its still possible to find out the owners details by calling the phone company.

    Reverse phone lookup services are also great for tracking down someone who has left you threatening calls or messages. You can easily track down someone by phone number by entering their cell phone or land line number into a service like this. They will give you a report about the owner of the number, and possibly more information about them. In my experience, the reports that these services give you are very accurate, and often have information such as neighbors, financial records, etc.

    Another great option that I would recommend for tracking down someone is by using internet searches. There are many reverse search sites on the internet, and they are great for helping you to find someone. Many of them offer free services for searching. However, if you dont want to pay for a service such as this, there are a number of free services available, which you can try. Just type in the phone number series that you have, and see if anything comes up.

    Now, the last option that I will mention in this Phone Number Series is to use a paid search. If you are going to be using a paid service, make sure that you choose the right site for your needs. Some sites are just out to scam you, so always check before paying. Also, always be cautious about giving out sensitive information, such as your Social Security or credit card number. If you feel uncomfortable with the searches that you are conducting, I would recommend looking for a paid service instead.

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